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The Children Of Marie Antoinette

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the children of marie antoinette
Question: What happened to Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI and her children after they left the palace?

just got done watching the movie and was wondering...
I know they beheaded her but....
How long were they gone before they died?
Were her children killed too?
If so who ran France after the king and queen of France were beheaded?

Answer: They tried to escape the 20th June 1791 with their two children and were caught the next day.

Louis XVI was beheaded on 21st Jan 1793, nearly two years later.

Marie Antoinette was beheaded on 16th October 1793, 10 months after her husband.

Marie-Thérèse, the eldest daughter, was the only one to survive the Revolution and stayed in prison until Dec 1795. At 17 she was exchanged with French prisoners held by the Austrians. She married but had no children. She died in October 1851 at the age of 73.

Louis-Charles, the Dauphin and future king, died of tuberculosis in prison in June 1795 at the age of 10. By French royal law he had automatically become king of France when his father died, so he was king Louis XVII when he died.

As to who ruled France after the disappearance of the king, it was a comitee of revolutionaries and it was a very violent and bloody period. If you want to know more...


The Children Of Marie Antoinette

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